Galentines’ Gift Guide 2017


Happy Monday and happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! I hope it was filled with love and chocolate, even if you had to raid the clearance candy aisle at Wal-Mart for it; no judgement here.

My sweet friend Marissa and I decided that since we are riding solo this Valentines’ Day, we would gift each other Galentines’ gifts just for fun. One thing I love to do is put together gifts for other people! My favorite way to gift is to put lots of small things together to make a fun “grab bag” type of gift. You can add some personality items along with some more generic items to create a personalized gift that feels more involved; and who doesn’t love getting lots of smaller things instead of one big thing? Also, if done right, it can end up being very budget-friendly. I wanted this post to be somewhat of a gift guide for future holidays and to possibly give you some inspiration on putting together gifts for all of the special people in your life. This is a great idea for friends’ birthdays, too!

So, because Valentines’/Galentines’ has passed, I can finally share what I put together for Marissa’s gift! I hope this inspires you to get your gifting on for your loved ones.


The big item I started with was this sweet wooden giraffe picture from Hobby Lobby. I was hoping to find a giraffe something for her because she loves them – and I just so happened to find this in the baby decor aisle. Don’t be afraid to look there! A lot of the baby themed items at Hobby Lobby are cute and can double as decor for non-babies, too

I also got the ceramic pig from Hobby Lobby, it was too cute not to pick up! And since most things at Hobby Lobby are on sale, it didn’t break the (piggy) bank, either. Little personalized items like this are my favorite to include.

And, last but not least, my favorite part… the candy. As a candy lover myself, I think it’s extremely important to keep a list of your friends’ favorite candy. It’s a no-nonsense gift idea that is generally a pretty safe bet, because who doesn’t love candy? I threw in some Swedish Fish and Skittles, and of course, is it a real Valentines’ gift without chocolate?

I hope this helps give you some ideas for your own gifts. While gifting can be difficult and stressful, I find that this method helps a lot with the stress of finding one perfect gift; instead, you can put together a few smaller items to make something personalized and sweet.

Happy Valentines’ Day!





P.S.: stay tuned for next week’s post! I’ll be talking budget-friendly makeup, my favorite 🙂






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